KC82C160S is a 3.3V CMOS 4-port hub device that offers the most cost-effective solution for USB hub manufacturers. Offered in both 32DIP and 44QFP packages, KC82C160S is ideally suited for low cost implementation of USB hubs, whether they are in stand-alone hub boxes, CRT and LCD monitors, or motherboard applications. As a key element of the USB plug-and-play architecture, KC82C160S USB hub simplifies and extends the peripheral connectivity to the PC. The KC82C160S consists of two main components : a hub repeater, which is responsible for each port's connection setup and tear-down, and a hub controller that provides the mechanism for host-to-hub communication, Fully compliant with USB specification and power management requirements, KC82C160S offers unsurpassed specification compliance to assure interoperability.


  • Proven compliance with USB Specification Version 1.1
  • Flexible support for bus-powered and self-powered modes
  • Individual or ganged port power control
  • Supports ACPIĘ‚ OnNowĘ‚ and USB power management requirements
  • Proven compatibility with Windows 98/2000 and MacOS 8.5
  • 12 MHz crystal input for low EMI
  • Programmable Vendor ID and Product ID through external EEPROM
  • Available in 32DIP and 44QFP packages

KC820C160S KC169-G20 KC 2190 KC 2178
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