KCUSBUSB Network Con't


The InstaNET USB network controller is a 3.3V CMOS single-chip device that enables instant construction of Plug-and-Play US8 networks, Overcome the host-to device bus topology of USB, InstaNET allows up lo 17 computers to be connected via their built-in USB ports. No network cards, no configurations, and since it's USB, a computer can be instantly added to the network without restarting.
Simply connecting the computers' USB ports through InstaNET, users can instantly share all the resources on the network including files, programs, printers and Internet access. Appearing as Ethernet device, InstaNET allows the usage of standard Windows interface such as Network Neighborhood and Windows Explorer with drag-and- drop familiarity. Aiming at the Small-Office-Home- Office (SOHO), multi-player gaming and mobile computing applications, the InstaNET US8 network controller offers a simple, flexible, and instant connection to the other computer.


  • Fully compliant with USB Specification
    Rev. 1.1, ACPI'M and OnNow'M requirements
  • Full speed USB device operation at 12 Mbps
  • Greater than 8 Mbps raw date transfer rate
  • Bus-powered from either USB host connection
  • Meets 500 uA suspend current requirement
  • Supports remote wakeup
  • LED outputs for activity and status indication
  • 6MHz crystal input with on-chip PLL for
    low EMI
  • Programmable vendor ID, product ID, and
    product strings via external EEPROM
  • Supports Win98/Milennium/2000 WinCE and MacOS
  • Supports TCP/IP, NetBEUI, IPX/SPX. and
  • Available m small-footprint 44-pfn
    LQFP package

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