KC Technology's µStack is a versatile Bluetooth protocol stack intended for applications that demand both size and performance. Suitable for PC and embedded applications, µStack is implemented in ANSI C and contains all the basic components of the protocol stack including L2CAP, SDP, and RFCOMM. With the ease of portability in mind, µStack includes the OS and HCI transport adaptation layers, allowing the core stack to remain constant while being ported to different operating systems and different transports. µStack combined with KC Technology's µPAX Bluetooth controller, offers a seamlessly integrated total solution that adds value and performance to any Bluetooth application. µStack is fully qualified to Bluetooth Specification version 1.1.


L2CAP provides essential data services such as protocol multiplexing, segmentation and reassembly, and group abstractions to upper layer protocols. L2CAP is responsible for ACL and SCO channel establishment, session management and quality of service (QoS). Through a HCI abstraction layer, L2CAP communicates to the Link manager (LM) independent of the physical transport used.


The Service Discovery Protocol allows applications to discover available services and their characteristics. SDP implementation includes a Service Discovery Database for the device and a Service Discovery Server, it also provides a local client interface to query the existence of services and their attributes on remote devices.


RFCOMM is a ETSI standard TS07.10 compliant serial port emulation over the L2CAP protocol. RFCOMM emulates the 9 circuits of the RS232 (EIATIA-232-E) serial port. RFCOMM supports the emulation of multiple serial ports between two devices as well as serial ports between multiple devices.


KC Technology's µStack Profiles is an implementation of application profiles defined by the Bluetooth Specification 1.1 to aid the Bluetooth adoption rate. Working seamlessly with KC's µStack software and µPAX Baseband, µStack Profiles takes full advantage of the benefits of this vertical integration to provide the best combination of code size and performance. Suitable for host and embedded applications, µStack Profiles is portable to any desired OS/CPU platforms and contains all the key profiles for data communication including Generic Access Profile (GAP), Service Discovery Application Profile (SDAP), Serial Port Profile (SPP), Dial-up Networking (DUN), Fax, Generic Object Exchange Profile (GEOP), Object Push Profile (OPP), File Transfer Profile (FTP), Synchronization, and Personal Area Network Profile (PAN). µStack Profiles is fully compliant to Bluetooth Specification version 1.1.